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Mode Photography Ltd. isn’t just a photography business, we also have a huge 6000 sq ft. functioning STUDIO space, available for the public. We share this space with SKY HANGAR & SKY HELICOPTERS. It’s a stunning multi-purpose space just outside of the Vancouver area. Take a peek! If you’re interested in this space for your next project contact Devon at

Recently we had the seriously talented Nomo Akisawa from Simply Sweet Photography come by with her collaboration team. These are some of the best vendors in the business, here in Vancouver, so we were thrilled to host them. Nomo shared her vision, and it just so happened we had the perfect little aircraft for her and the team to use.

This FLY AWAY WITH ME”; Modern Aviation Wedding Inspiration, was just recently released on Praise Wedding Online Magazine. Amazing work everyone! For a full list of incredible vendors, see below:

A styled shoot session 

Location: Sky Hangars, 

Wedding Planner: Cristina Sampler Pearl, 

Floral and Event Design/Styling: ROA Floral and Event Designs, 

Photography: Simply Sweet Photography, 

BTS Video: Flip Visions Productions, 

Stationary: Vintage Wedding Love by Greenbrooke & Co., 

Candelabra, Louis Chairs, Oak and Linen Love Seat, Decorative Vintage Plane, Vintage Suitcase: Art of the Party, 

Tableware, Table, Linen: Pedersen’s Rentals, 

Vintage Books and Suitcases: Niche Events Stylist, 

Cake: Le Gateau Bake Shop, 

Hair and MUA: Jasmine Hoffman, 

Gown: Bisou Bridal, 

Jewellery: Elsa Corsi/Jeweliette Jewellery, 

Mode Studio’s - 

Calligraphy: September Letters, 

Models: Christina and Paris Haase

We Are Mode

A few weeks back we got our team together and had our first real boardroom meeting. What a treat… breakfast, fresh coffee from the Runway Cafe, our quaint little cafe nestled in our private little airport, and we got to plan for the future… together:) There’s nothing like doing all this over breakfast… it’s like family:)

It was a chance to have almost everyone in the same room, hear what our goals are, and see where we are headed… together.

So, how did this all start? You may have an idea of how Mode Started… a partnership with the Westlund Group of Companies and a need for Photography, but how did this team happen? Practically overnight:)

For a few months, on my own, I thought that was going to be it…. but the desire to work with others, truly amazing & generous people, people who see Photography as a gift to others, and not as a “cash-grab”, people who other people just want to be around… I was looking for community.

In only a few months, the right people kept crossing my path, and I jumped on the opportunity when my gut said it was right. I find too many times we wait too long for just the right time, or when we feel ready. Throughout this time I never felt ready, the time was never right… but my gut said jump, and I did.

So, I’d love for you to meet the team. Over the next month of June I’ll be introducing all my peeps, what they do and you can meet them:) I’m also going to be introducing some fun stuff we’re doing at the studio, ways that you can get involved and use our space for your own brand development.

Can’t wait:)

MAMA-MODE Mothers Day Sessions

The Mothers Day mini-sessions were inspired by a picture I found in
Vogue Magazine late last year. It was this beautiful B&W image by celebrity photographer
Mario Testino of Kate Moss and her daughter. It was so simple, yet so elegant and tender. It resonated SOOO much that I just really wanted it for me
and my girls. You know when you love an idea so much that you just can’t stop thinking about it? Well, that’s when I knew this would be the theme for this year’s Mothers Day sessions.

So, I got my girls together, brought in a fav makeup artist of mine, Eva-Terez Beauty and found some dresses to wear that would stay classic for years to come:) I’m in the pic so I needed one more person on hand that I knew could read my mind. That would be the ever so talented Katy Hersey (you’ll be seeing more of her at MODE this year). She knows my girls and has a calm way of direction. Let’s face it, children aren’t going to listen to their own mamas the same way:) 

I want to offer this for anyone interested…. so we’re doing just that! 

These photos are particularly for moms and their kids(any age). You may be
a grandma with your children or grandchildren, moms & sons, you may
be pregnant for the very first time. We want to celebrate you with images
that will remain classic for a lifetime. 

To make you feel even more picture-ready, we’re going to have the
talented Eva-Terez Beauty on set for makeup touch-ups, and a hair
stylist ready for anything out of place… simply so you can focus
on you and your kids:) 

Mothers Day is a big deal, so we have 2 options, 4 days & 32 slots
available . 20 minutes are included in your session & 10 edited images
on a private online gallery for easy access & download-ready for

price - $129.00 +gst

Giveaway - Purchase your session and nominate a very
special single mother & her children. We’d like to give
her a session for FREE.

2 options - First come first served. 

APRIL Sessions - Give the gift of an image on mothers day.
Book on April 10th & 12th, to have your photos edited and ready for
your Mothers Day Gift. 

MAY Sessions - Purchase your Gift Certificate now and give the
gift of a mothers day photo shoot after Mothers Day… with your mom.
These can be booked on May 16th & 17th 

Times - 

April 10th - 6:00, 6:30. 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, 9:30 

April 12th - 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, 3:30, 4:00, 4:30 

May 16th -  4:00, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30 

May 17th -  1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, 3:30, 4:00, 4:30 

Ready to book??? 

1. email me at (only way to book. Unfortunately we won’t be able to correspond to emails/inquiries over Facebook/instagram/text) 

2. name your top 3 dates/time slots 

3. I’ll send you an invoice 

4. Once paid, you will receive a confirmation if booked in April
or a Gift Certificate if booked for May. 

5. Options/prices for prints will be available (if interested) at
your session.


I’m so proud to announce that MODE STUDIOS website has now launched. Rates are in effect and we are open to the public!
It has been so great to see some very special Photographers already making themselves feel at home here: Jasalyn Thorne, of Jasalyn Thorne Photographers, Nomo Akisawa of Simply Sweet Photography, Emily Collacott of Flourish Photography, Katy Hersey, Joanna Moss of Joanna Moss Photography, Sherri Koop of Sherri Koop Photography, Madison & Dave of M&HIM & Jen of Jen G Photography.If you have a project, creative or shoot to schedule and you are looking for a massive space in the Fraser Valley. Inquire on the new site or email us at
We are excited to meet you:)

Do Everything with Intention

Andrew always says this. I’ve been listening… but it’s only been recently that I think it really, truly meant something to me; it finally resonated.

I’d have to say that this adventure that started last year March 2014, has been 50% hard work, 30% survival, 10% what the? & 10% intention. I may be over dramatizing this, but let’s go with this for the sake of my “intention” for this post:)

Everywhere I go now, family, friends, colleagues, Facebook/instagram “friends” ask me this one long question:
“Sooooooo, explain to me what exactly you are doing now? Like, what, what, whaaaaa….. I just don’t quite understand it:)” And, as I’m nodding my head in understanding, because I too, have been confused at the journey…. I say yes, it’s confusing…. but, it IS all coming together… slowly but surely:)

2014 came and went, and January 2015 just brought a new sense of refreshing. It’s a new year, new dreams, new challenges, new projects…. and we’ve settled into this beautiful building to make it all happen.

So, I thought it was fitting to share the intention behind Mode Photography & Mode Studios in 5 points:

1. MODE PHOTOGRAPHY is your 1 stop shop for Photography services. Based out of a brand new studio, Mode Photography offers 5 specialized Photographers in their specific fields of Wedding Photography, Newborn, Events & Corporate Services, and the vision to add more in the very near future. We’ll be introducing them slowly over 2015.

2. MODE PHOTOGRAPHY loves people & community. This was the basis to begin MODE. We adore our clients and we go above and beyond for each and everyone. The Photographers chosen to partner with Mode had to possess 1 very specific quality… “likability”. And, they truly do. Upon meeting your photographer you can’t help but feel completely at ease and you kind of become instant friends:) It’s almost impossible not to:)

3. MODE believes in reasonable rates. Photography rates are inflated and they don’t have to be. We believe everyone should have amazing photos for prices that make sense. Being in our studio, we can now offer that.

4. The STUDIOS are based out of the new SKY Hangar at the private Pitt Meadows Airport, just outside of Vancouver, BC. We have a small natural light studio for hourly rental rates. We have a large infinity wall available for rent for larger productions. We want our community to share this space. Come for a visit, this is the only space like this, with over 6000 sq. ft of shared space, in the Fraser Valley… The Studios are meant to help other Photographers, Videographers, Artists & Professionals. It’s about community and collaboration.

5. The STUDIOS, being a shared space, is interested in your longtime partnership. Do you need a regular space to work out of? Let’s talk. This space, studio, lobby, can be yours also. Give your clients a “WOW” first impression when they drive up to this entrance. Email me at for more info.
So, there it is. Not that confusing at all:) It just took some time in our startup year to see what worked and what didn’t, how this building would do, and how Mode fit into it all:) Sometimes it just takes the act of being “intentional” about letting TIME do it’s own thing.
On a more personal note, you if you’ve seen the changes on Facebook, instagram, @melodydavis vs. @modestudios, Mode Photography vs. Melody Davis Photography blah blah blah…. I’ll explain the intention behind all that in the next post. Perhaps not the best marketing strategy…. especially since I’m married to one of the Creative Directors at The Agency. EEEEKS. But, in an effort to be intentional in all areas of life… there is, in fact, a messy strategy at work… give it time:)

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